The use of apticron in Kali gives mktemp warning

After a apt dist-upgrade I got an email every time a cronjob called apticron:

WARNING: tempfile is deprecated; consider using mktemp instead.

This is the one liner that gives this warning:

if test -x /usr/sbin/apticron; then /usr/sbin/apticron --cron; else true; fi

You can test this by performing this one liner on the command line.

After some digging I found this bugreport (as Kali is a Debian derivative):

This was reported in June 2020. But there is also a patch you can find at the bottom of this bug report. Haven’t tested it, because it’s merely a warning. I expect the maintainer to merge this patch in a next release of apticron.

26-10-2020: After a few of these cronmails I got fed up with that and applied the changes suggested in the patch. Which are really simple, it’s replacing tempfile by mktemp.

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