When an Oracle PDB hot clone doesn’t work

After nearly a year, a scheduled scripted PDB hot clone worked flawlessly, and ‘suddenly’ it failed with this error in the target cdb alert log. Some explanation:CDB1900A/PROD is the source cdb/pdb on machine PRODUCTIONCDB1900B/CLONER is the target cdb/pdb on machine CLONE 2021-03-08 15:50:49.421000 +01:00 CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE CLONER FROM PROD@clone_pdb Lees verder

How to connect Oracle 19C database on Red Hat Linux to a PostgreSQL database, with an Oracle database link over ODBC

There are quite a few blogs about this subject, but I wanted to share how I performed creating this database link from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Though I mention Oracle 19C, these steps will probably work on all Oracle database versions from 11G onward. For the PostgreSQL version, this will work Lees verder

Patching Oracle, database datapatch fails with ORA-20004: Uninitialized state in install_file

Now this blog is with courtesy of my esteemed colleague Jeroen Nijholt, also a DBA/Technical Consultant with Ordina. I asked his permission to use some of his notes to blog about this. He was assigned to patch a few Oracle databases on Windows platform. The platform is irrelevant though, Lees verder