GeoIP update on Kali for Netsniff gives error about license

Today I got this error from this cron job on my Kali box

test -x /usr/bin/geoipupdate && /usr/bin/geoipupdate

The error:

Error retrieving updates: error updating GeoLite2-Country: error updating: unexpected HTTP status code: 401 Unauthorized: An account ID and license key are required to use this service.

On this error I found these two issues on GitHub:

Okay, so MaxMind has changed the free GeoIP use, requiring an account since 2019.

A quick search on my Kali box reveals that Netsniff and Nginx use GeoIP:

root@kali:~# locate geoip.conf

The first link above on github gives some further information. There should be a GeoIP.conf with some details. Let’s check that out:

root@kali:~# locate GeoIP.conf

So true, this is the content:

Please see for instructions
on setting up geoipupdate, including information on how to download a
pre-filled GeoIP.conf file.
Enter your account ID and license key below. These are available from If you are only using free
GeoLite databases, you may leave the 0 values.
AccountID 0
LicenseKey 000000000000
Enter the edition IDs of the databases you would like to update.
Multiple edition IDs are separated by spaces.
Include one or more of the following edition IDs:
* GeoLite2-ASN - GeoLite 2 ASN
* GeoLite2-City - GeoLite 2 City
* GeoLite2-Country - GeoLite2 Country
EditionIDs GeoLite2-Country GeoLite2-City

As you can see the AccountID and LicenseKey are zero’s. This would be fine a year earlier, but now you need to get an account and fill these details in the GeoIP.conf file accordingly.

You can find more information here:
To apply for a free license you go here: and click on the button Sign up for Geolite2. Follow the instructions to set up an account.

After logging in you can go to License Key (under Services) and generate a license key. So pick up the Account ID and LicenseKey and store it in a safe place. After that you can place this stuff in the GeoIP.conf. Do mind that it takes 5 minutes for the license key to be activated, so don’t go updating GeoIP right away.

So we test this with the same line the cronjob has used, followed by geoipupdate -v to acually see some output of the process:

root@kali:~# test -x /usr/bin/geoipupdate && /usr/bin/geoipupdate
root@kali:~# geoipupdate -v
Using config file /etc/GeoIP.conf
Using database directory /var/lib/GeoIP
Acquired lock file lock (/var/lib/GeoIP/.geoipupdate.lock)
Performing get filename request to
Calculated MD5 sum for /var/lib/GeoIP/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb: 82124032f2f9118c6cb9d6ae4e033a75
Performing update request to
No new updates available for GeoLite2-Country
Performing get filename request to
Calculated MD5 sum for /var/lib/GeoIP/GeoLite2-City.mmdb: 67cbff9edd4d6144daba0ceb58f4a5c7
Performing update request to
No new updates available for GeoLite2-City


Now to be sure make a copy of you GeoIP.conf file, so that if it’s overwritten in an upgrade or update, you can use your backup to restore your GeoLite2 settings.

root@kali:~# cp -pi /etc/GeoIP.conf /etc/GeoIP.conf_bck

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