When an Oracle PDB hot clone doesn’t work

After nearly a year, a scheduled scripted PDB hot clone worked flawlessly, and ‘suddenly’ it failed with this error in the target cdb alert log. Some explanation:CDB1900A/PROD is the source cdb/pdb on machine PRODUCTIONCDB1900B/CLONER is the target cdb/pdb on machine CLONE 2021-03-08 15:50:49.421000 +01:00 CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE CLONER FROM PROD@clone_pdb Lees verder

How to connect Oracle 19C database on Red Hat Linux to a PostgreSQL database, with an Oracle database link over ODBC

There are quite a few blogs about this subject, but I wanted to share how I performed creating this database link from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Though I mention Oracle 19C, these steps will probably work on all Oracle database versions from 11G onward. For the PostgreSQL version, this will work Lees verder

Don’t create a user from an Oracle script within a set container to pdb

For an 19C Oracle database that will be added in an Oracle Fail Safe cluster I had to install statspack with an Oracle script, which also creates the perfstat user. Because I didn’t want to create a local listener because Oracle Fail Safe has is own mechanism for this, I Lees verder

Connecting to an Oracle database – some common problems and solutions

This page is my attempt to collect some common problems and their solutions with connecting to an Oracle database. In the hopes that someday I bump into my own page, searching for a solution for some ORA-…. error. ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied Cause: An Lees verder